Tube Flies and Tube Fly Tying Tube Flies for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout

Plastic & Silicone Tubing

Create tube flies that are very large, extra small and every size in between.

How do I prevent the outer tube from spinning on the plastic tube as I tie it?

Mushroom the end of the large plastic tube with a lighter and use a dab of super glue. This will prevent it from spinning.

Eumer plastic and silicone tubes are so durable that they withstand very cold water, but they are soft enough to stretch over the eye of your hook. Plastic tubes give you many size options and color variations for your perfect tube fly.

HINT: If you use our brass tubes, the size large plastic tube is always your hook tube. For extra effect, you can match or compliment the color of your brass tube fly to make it as long and colorful as necessary.

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